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Support & FAQs

Why should I create an account?

  1. Unlock full functionality, such as redeeming coupons online and printing them for offline redemption.
  2. Save your preferred offers for future use.
  3. Receive exclusive offers directly to your email inbox.

How can I update my profile or preferences?

To update your details, click on My Details.

How do I remove a saved offer from My Offers?

On the website, click the trash bin icon associated with the offer.

How can I print a coupon?

You can print coupons via the website. Some offers specify "Unique Printouts Only Accepted," meaning you must perform the print action multiple times for multiple codes.

Can I use a digital coupon like a print coupon?

All website coupons can be used as print or digital. Check the terms and conditions for each coupon before use.

What if an advertiser refuses the offer or coupon under the advertised terms?

While rare, if this occurs, contact us by sending an email to .

Why can't I sign in?

Tap 'forgot password' to set a new password. If that fails, try signing up again. If the issue persists, send us a message, and we'll assist in resolving it.